Hagay Shabtay, Shapiro

Founded in the 1970s, Hagay Shabtay, Shapiro Law Firm has been focusing on offering innovative legal services to kibbutzim and kibbutz members since the very beginning. The first clients of our office included kibbutzim, cooperative associations and economic organizations based in the settlement movement. Over the decades, Hagay Shabtay, Shapirobecame the leading firm in the fields of cooperative associations, the Israel Land Authority and Israel Land Administration, planning and construction and land transactions.
Our firm currently serves approximately 190 cooperative associations, many of which have been our clients for years and receive a full range of legal services. Furthermore, among our oldest clients are government agencies and some of the leading companies in the market, both in the public and in the private sector.
In our firm, we put a special emphasis on personal service, given by a stable team of expert lawyers with over 15 years of experience in their fields. Our rich experience and expertise enable us to provide an optimal and comprehensive service, tailored to the needs of each client, in every transaction and within the requested time frame.
Over many years of providing legal services to cooperative associations and kibbutzim, we have gained a profound understanding of the mindsets, dynamics, unique character and constitutional development of organizations – a major advantage enjoyed by our clients. In addition to the quality of our service, our work is guided by values of uncompromised integrity, decency, full discretion and protection of our clients’ interests.
We believe that a good law firm should not only provide narrow legal support, but to assist its clients in understanding the wider picture and reaching the best possible solutions for the issues at hand. Our approach is practical and straightforward, as we aspire to find the simplest, fastest, most efficient solutions to every issue.
We invite you to join our clients and contact us if you have any questions or need an advice.